Notes from Whole30 Coaching Clients


Courtney Connell

Chattanooga, Tennessee

"My first Whole30 felt so amazing, but I fell back to old eating habits. I realized I needed to focus on what happened AFTER the 30 days. In March, I decided to work with Courtney Coyle for my third program, and the experience was just what I needed. Now my mindset is stronger than ever, and #IAMWHOLE30!” - SUSIE (COACH COURTNEY COYLE, CHATTANOOGA TN)


"I sincerely thank Jacob for helping me break a cycle of emotional, harmful eating. His weekly guidance was invaluable to my Whole30 success after a few unsuccessful attempts. His empathy, advice, and listening all made a difference. It was great to have him in my corner to support my commitment". – NICOLE (COACH JACOB HEATH, ATLANTA GA)


"Doing our second round, Mia as our coach and her September group really kept us motivated, held us accountable, gave us access to so many resources, and provided us with a support network and safe zone where we could share our wins, failures, questions, and thoughts to get through it together. It’s a great bonus that Mia is also Dominican and helped me learn which cultural dishes were already compliant or how to make our favorites Whole30 compliant and still be able to connect to our roots. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to convince my mom to do a round!" - MELISSA (COACH MIA REYES, NEW YORK, NY)