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You’re working hard to change your health, habits, and relationship with food.

Let one of our Coaches help make your Whole30 – whether it’s your first one or your next one – easier, more fun, and even more life-changing.

Our certified, expert Whole30 Coaches can provide you with the support, resources, and accountability you need to navigate your 30-day self-experiment, reintroduction, and your Food Freedom.

You can choose from individual, group, virtual, or in-person Coaching and match with someone based on your preferred criteria. Our Coaches have a variety of interests and backgrounds!

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Notes from Whole30 Coaching Clients



"My experience with Betsy as a Whole30 Coach has been so great. She was genuinely interested and invested in my journey in changing the relationship I had with food. She went above and beyond throughout the process in providing just the right combination of support, knowledge, and encouragement. Betsy celebrated my victories with me and inspired me to start making changes in other areas of my health, like sleep and exercise.” - Lisa


Teri Riley

Kansas City, Missouri

"Teri was a large part of my Whole30 success, offering empathy along with new and interesting information. Through my group Coaching round, I met new people who are a solid support system as I work to make these changes permanent...But now, if I find myself sliding back into old habits, I know just what to do!" -Deni


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to the program, the rules and preparation can be intimidating! Having a Coach guide you through the process start to finish can reduce stress, make planning and preparation easier, and help you manage challenges quickly. Having a real person in your local community to ask questions, get targeted support, and provide steady accountability can make the difference between getting overwhelmed and quitting and sticking with it and changing your life.

Even Whole30 veterans can benefit from working with a certified Whole30 expert. If your last program wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped, if you struggled with reintroduction, if you finished the program and somehow found yourself back in old habits, or if you want to do another Whole30 but just can’t seem to get it off the ground, you want a Coach! Securing a Coach to guide, advise, and troubleshoot your process can help you spot your triggers and obstacles, amplify your Whole30 results, and transition more gracefully into your Food Freedom.

The Whole30 has always been free, and there are hundreds of free resources to help you guide your journey. But in today’s busy, modern world, it’s hard to find the time to Google, flip through our books, and scour Facebook to find the answers you need. If you’re not experienced with social media or internet searches, it can be frustrating to find what you need quickly. A Coach is there to streamline the process for you, start to finish. They’re your phone-a-friend when you need answers, your recipe index when you need inspiration, and your troubleshooting concierge when you’re facing challenges like travel, social situations, or cravings.

As of 2022, the average cost for 6 weeks (including Reintroduction) of Whole30 Coaching is $147 to participate in a group and $246 for a private Coach, but our Coaches have a variety of price points, and many offer scholarships. Many Coaches also offer free community services, like Whole30 101 events and meet-ups.

Use the “Find A Coach” filters to find your match and get in touch to learn more about their individual pricing!

Visit coach.whole30.com/coaches to see our global directory of Whole30 Certified Coaches.

The filters on the right side of your screen allow you to narrow Coaches by specialty interest area, price, language, coaching format (group vs one-on-one), and more.

Once you find a Coach in your area, you can contact them directly using one of the means provided in their profile (usually through their website or email).

Many Coaches work with clients virtually, especially now. If there isn’t a Coach in your local area, you can use the filters in our search bar to find one who accepts virtual clients.

The vast majority of our Coaches are US-based, but we do have international Coaches, and are expanding our global roster every month. If there isn’t a Coach in your country, you can still work with a US-based coach virtually.

Visit coach.whole30.com/events to see a complete list of all Coaching events currently posted, by city and state. You can also see any events that an individual Coach has scheduled by going to their bio and looking for events posted at the bottom of their page.

Yes! Many local businesses, like gyms or fitness studios, restaurants, grocery stores, and medical practices, will partner with a Coach to provide Whole30 support or resources to their community. Once you find a Coach in your area, you can contact them directly using one of the means provided in their profile (usually through their website or email) to talk about your ideas for collaborating.