Get the support, resources, and accountability you need to succeed from a certified Whole30 expert. Find local events, group Whole30’s, one-on-one coaching, and more.


How can a Whole30® Coach help you succeed?

There is a lot of Whole30 support out there—our free Whole30 forum, seven Whole30 books, our thriving social media community, and weekly newsletters. But nothing takes the place of in-person social support, advice, and accountability.

Having a Whole30 Certified Coach guide you through the process of elimination and reintroduction gives you access to personalized recommendations for meal prep, travel, managing cravings, and navigating social situations. They’re your phone-a-friend when you need encouragement or tough love, your accountability when temptations hit, and your concierge for local Whole30-friendly restaurants, grocery stores, and airport kiosks.

You’re working hard to change your health, habits, and relationship with food. Let a Whole30 Certified Coach make your first (or next) Whole30 easier, more fun, and even more life-changing.

"Teri is an empathetic & knowledgeable Coach. She is a large part of my Whole30 success with her constant stream of new and interesting information; and of course her advanced cyber hand-holding skills...Whole30 has been successful for me. I've met new people and made new friends , who are a solid and reliable support system as I work to make these changes permanent...But, if I find myself sliding back into old habits, I know just what to do!"

- Deni (Certified Coach Teri Riley, Kansas City, MO)


The Whole30 Certified Coaching program was created to provide boots-on-the-ground, in-person support for your Whole30 and beyond. Coaches are Whole30 experts, with vast experience guiding others through the program and helping them create new, healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Some of our Coaches also have professional designations (like medical doctor, registered dietitian, naturopathic doctor, physical therapist, or mental health counselor) that allows them to offer targeted medical, dietary, or therapeutic treatment in conjunction with their Whole30 support.


You’re the only one in your household doing the Whole30, and could use extra support, specific guidance, immediate access to answers, and direct accountability. You’ve done the Whole30 before, but fell back into old habits, and need help transitioning from the program to your Food Freedom. You’ve started the Whole30 a few times, but can’t seem to make it past Day 5. You have specific needs, like business travel, feeding young kids, workplace challenges, or Whole30 a budget, and need help making the program fit your lifestyle.


A Whole30 Certified Coach is your personal guide to the program, helping you navigate planning and preparing, kitchen organization, grocery shopping, meal planning, travel and dining out, troubleshooting, tracking progress, and reintroduction.

Coaches offer value in a number of ways: running group Whole30s, offering one-on-one coaching*, holding community events, connecting you with local Whole30 resources, and running cooking classes and meal planning sessions. Accredited coaches (like our RDs and MDs) are using the Whole30 in conjunction with specific treatment plans for their clients and patients.

*where allowed by state law, and in accordance with each Coach’s scope of practice


Certified Coach Lauren Paige, and client Luis
Coach Theresa Newman and client grocery shopping to prepare for her Whole30
Dallas Duo group shot of their Whole30 Yoga event at Gather Kitchen
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"My first Whole30 felt so amazing, but I fell back to old eating habits. I realized I needed to focus on what happened AFTER the 30 days. In March, I decided to work with Courtney Coyle for my third program, and the experience was just what I needed. Now my mindset is stronger than ever, and #IAMWHOLE30!”

- Susie (Coach Courtney Coyle, Chattanooga TN)

"I sincerely thank Jacob for helping me break a cycle of emotional, harmful eating. His weekly guidance was invaluable to my Whole30 success after a few unsuccessful attempts. His empathy, advice, and listening all made a difference. It was great to have him in my corner to support my commitment".

– Nicole (Coach Jacob Heath, Atlanta GA)

"I 100% endorse Theresa Newman as a Whole30 Coach! I couldn’t have done it without her! In reflecting on all of my non-scale victories, the best one by far is that I am no longer constantly thinking about food. The sugar cravings have stopped! AND I stopped rewarding my children with food. ‘Finish your dinner and you can have a cookie’ are words we no longer say. We don't even give dessert every night. We've also replaced the word ‘thin’ with ‘healthy.’ Now, my kids are also thinking about food less and living life more."

- Ali (Coach Theresa Newman, West Chester PA)

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